Mr Jeff Gibson who lives somewhere in Central Florida left me a comment on this blog today where he says in part:

“that” stand your ground” law is nothing more than a crutch for sissy bitches like yourself to hide behind in case you say the wrong shit and someone comes along to beat the senses out of your ass”


One would have to conclude from that statement, that if it was not for the “stand your ground” law and “the castle doctrine” that Mr Gibson would extract the so called “ass beating” on me for “saying the wrong thing.” Adolf Hitler had something like Mr Gibson. It was called the SS.

This time, Mr Gibson has no excuse. The last time he said something close to this, he claimed it was about masturbation rather than a threat of physical violence. This time Mr Gibson has made it clear that if it was not for legal constraints that he would be tempted to extract a “physical” message upon me for saying something he did not agree with.

Mr Gibson also went on to threaten me with civil action and to go down to the Orange County Sheriff’s department and file charges.

Well, Mr Gibson, bring it on. Go down to the corner of John Young Parkway and West Colonial Drive and state your case. I am located about 5 minutes from there.


I have printouts of an interesting Twitter account that they might wish to see.




  • guess who says:

    comparing me to hitler now??? im not the one who was recorded calling someone a ” wetback” on audio like you did, you racist scumbag!….as for the lawsuit, we’re getting in touch with morgan&morgan about all the misonstrude blogs about me…you can hide at sheryl’s all you want, just goes to show EVERYONE how much of a coward you are…you attacked me for trying to help a 16 yr old girl from commiting suicide, yet you think profitting off a missing girls case and buying your ”rat-hole” trailer (i’ve seen the video) makes you honest??? U ADMITTED ON VIDEO THE BANK FORCLOSED ON YOUR HOUSE, THEN RETRACTED YOUR ON-TAPE STATEMENT IN YOUR BLOGS…WHO DOES THAT??? since you want ppl to ” stay tuned” i suggest you come clean and tell your lackies how ALL of this started….how you asked me to ” come forward” with info on you…when i did, you had my acct. suspended. when you came at me like the cyber-bully you are, and i DIDN’T back down from your idle threats like a childish 62-yr old bum that you are, YOU WENT TO YOUR BLOGS AND TRIED TO HUMILIATE ME ONLY TO HAVE IT BACKFIRE IN YOUR FACE!!! i’m not the coward hiding behind a supposed gun like you,william…if you wanna discuss this via telephone, call me at 4076708755 and be a real man!

    • Since you have cited your intent to go forward with legal actions, any contact other than here will be done through our mutual legal representatives or through law enforcement. If you wish, you can continue to come here and make whatever statements you wish.
      First things first. Have you ever heard of a soundboard call? It is when someone calls YOU and rather than being a real person, it is a collection of sound bytes. I was awakened from a sound sleep at 3 in the morning by some idiot making all sorts of remarks and accusations. I DID NOT POST THE CALL. It was ILLEGALLY recorded and then posted by a member of ANONYMOUS as well as was the Judge Judy call as well as the call to LP the bounty hunter. In case you did not know it, It is against the law to record a telephone call in the state of Florida without the permission of ALL parties. Soundboard calls are also against the law as they are considered harassment.
      In regards to my short sale. Do you not know how to read? I told you to check the official court records. First, as with all proceedings regarding bank actions in regards to mortgages, the bank first starts foreclosure actions. The bank then offers the option of putting the house in the short sale program. This is what happened to me. Right in the middle of the foreclosure process, the government came out with a new set of laws and this included the short sale options.
      I was able to remain in the house while it was for sale. I did not sell the house, I acted as an agent for the bank. It was the bank that took the offers and then accepted them. All and all, my financial affairs are NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
      AGAIN, you believe the rumors of LIARS. First of all, I lost THOUSANDS because of my live streaming of the Anthony case and this includes money that I DONATED TO TEXAS EQUUSEARCH. CNN and other networks made MILLIONS of the Anthony Case, money was made off of a made for tv movie, at least two books were written by lawyers who made hundreds of thousands off the Anthony case and Casey Herself stands to make hundreds of thousands off her own book once the bankruptcy hearing is completed.
      There are accusations that one Ohio blogger made over 50 THOUSAND dollars by stealing a video that Casey made.
      As far as getting your account suspended, YOU DID THAT YOURSELF. You BROKE TWITTER RULES BY POSTING THE STREET ADDRESS OF SOMEONE THAT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH OUR DISPUTE. It is not my fault that, rather than do your OWN RESEARCH and check COURT DOCUMENTS that you go and take the word of someone you did not know a month or so ago and whom you cannot be certain of who they are.
      I cannot understand how posting the personal information of the current owner of my former residence has anything to do with the accusations made against me by people who are complete strangers to you.

      As far as the Hitler comparison. It is justified. The SS was the enforcers of Hitler’s propaganda. They used violence against those who said “the wrong thing.”

      As to how all of this started? Michelle L McKee and Alexandra H Goddard barged into my personal business as far back as 2006. They have told lie after lie about me. Michelle McKee went so far as to call the City of Leesburg police department and claim that I murdered Trenton Duckett and knew where he was buried. This was TWO YEARS before the HOAX pm’s came onto the scene.

      Again, Mr Gibson, you would be best served minding your own business and get the fuck off the internet. As for John Morgan, be my guest. He has known of me for years and just might set you straight about a few things.


  • guess who says:

    see there you go…you just said you ACTED as an agent for the bank….YOU’RE NOT A CERTIFIED AGENT!!! and why are you bringing up michelle mckee ad goddard into this??? THIS MATTER IS BETWEEN YOU& ME!!! and as for your racist comments, it just goes to show how ignorant you are….you got exposed for the aryan you REALLY are!!! when you say ” its none of your business” you blog about your business and put it out there, making it EVERYONE’S BUSINESS, YOU IGNORANT DUMBASS!!!! when you say CNN, and also speak of other news networks, YOU’RE NOT IN THEIR CALIBER!!! you’re just some bum who bought a rotted out news van and decided ” okay im gonna be a TV anchor today” i even called channel6news about you, and they even said you were a loon…all you do is con poor old women out of their $$$ because you’re too stupid and dimwitted to get a J-O-B!!! you stalk and harass people, and i’m not gonna stand for you stalking me and harassing me!!! AND AS FOR YOU LOSING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS ON THE ANTHONY CASE, THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING A DUMBASS!! I KNEW CASEY MYSELF, AND I WOULDN’T HAVE SHELLED OUT $2.00 FOR A PEPSI ON THAT BITCH!!!

    • So now you dictate what people can and cannot make in this country? What else cannot people make. Where do you draw the line? Are you now the maker of the speech laws in this country?
      Before making comments on Real Estate law and how the short sale process works, I suggest you check things out. That happens to be the way these things work. I go to the realtor and hire them. I then send the information to the bank. If an offer is made on the property it is I that sends the offer to the bank. The realtor acts as a go between for me, the bank and the buyer in that order. I even had to sign a power of atty.

      I did not con anyone out of any money. I had a job, I owned a business as well. BOTH Michelle L McKee attacked the business and MY JOB. IF THEY had minded their own business I would have had both. You called channel 6? Well that is easy enough to check as I live about 3 miles from there. IF they said what they did to you they can be sued for defamation. I know Mike DeForest personally and will talk to him about your call.


  • guest says:

    Mr Gibson, who is posting under your name to Murt? It certainly is not you posting here, you just are not that smart…LOL

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