If anyone wants to know what an internet troll is, they only have to look to Donald Trump. He is the “RUBY” to Pres. Obama.

The best example of his trollnes is this birth certificate nonsense he has been babbling about for what seems like an eternity.

Donald reminds me of Ruby, the troll from topix who always said I either did not do something I said I did or that I could NOT do something I said I could. Each time I beat her challenge into the ground she would come up with another one. She reminds me of the moles in Frontierville. I clobber one and another pops right back up to be clobbered yet again.

When this absolutely stupid issue came up during the campaign, a CERTIFIED birth certificate issued by the state of Hawaii was released to the public. The trolls and their leader Donald Trump would have none of it and kept droning on about this non-issue ignoring more important topics as the economy and the increase in gas prices. The trolls, of course, would have none of it and cried “foul!”

As proof, one only has to watch Donald Trump after the second and more complete birth certificate was released.

He actually congratulated himself for being an absolute idiot and fool. He got caught in a long series of lies and then lied again when he got shown for the fool he is.

The pitchman troll is at it again, now demanding that Obama release his college grades. Trump will now troll on and probably Obama will relent yet again. The beat goes on and the moles keep getting clobbered.

Now before the comments start rolling in about this so called “Obama defense” article, I give the Tea Party folks, the conservatives and so on, this warning. Your guy/gal is next. Mr. Trump and his ilk has opened the floodgates. Soon demand for school grades, driving records, obits and so on will be demanded more intently than the stand on the issues.

You have all asked for it and now you got it.

Beware of unintended consequences


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