I am really getting fed up with these nut cases that come out of the woods and start writing bullshit about me. Now this latest nut case comes along and says I own a drone and am flying it around her house.ocso

Well, I think it is time for her to put her money where her mouth is. I challenge this woman to bring that thing she claims is mine to the law enforcement office of her choice. This can be anytime from Wednesday through Saturday as I will be busy all day today.

The both of us then can sit down with law enforcement and hash this bullshit out. I will say right now, on this blog that I will submit to a polygraph examination regarding this matter. I will sign a release for my cell phone records so that law enforcement can trace my actions for how long this woman claims I have been flying that contraption around her residence.

It is time for this moronic woman to either back up what she says or publish  a retraction. I will be calling the OCSO at John Young and inform them of what this woman is claiming since I only live 4 miles from there.

Since I am a senior citizen, I am going to also check with OCSO to see if she can be charged for harassing a senior citizen.

Time to put up or shut up lady, I will be waiting. The clock is ticking.

BTW, the owner of the drone says he will be filing charges of GRAND THEFT if it is not turned into the OPD by noon tomorrow. He claims it is worth well over $1000.00

Stay tuned




  • Never You Mind says:

    The million $ Question…Is she going to put Step Forward and do the right thing and admit she has lied Or Be A Coward and hide under her ..Time Will Tell

    • It is apparent that she does not want the truth. Instead, she turns to the cyber terrorist ANONYMOUS who does NOT believe in due process. I am now forced to go to the Seminole County Sheriff’s department and make my position clear in regards to this matter.

  • Anonymously Free says:

    I really hope you do Murt, because if you let her get away with it – you will be a easy target and more will follow saying ,’he won’t do nothing about it anyway

  • Guest says:

    Things seem to get crazier by the day. How do you attract these people?

  • Guest says:

    It’s a curse! You seem to be a magnet for them!

    I took a break from the lunacy and am reading at Amy’s. Interesting.

  • zero dinh says:

    LOL… I have been following MM7 and created my own blog about it. No offence here, but you are just adding to the confusion… you posted on her stuff, etc, and on my blog some trolls are already playing you into things. If you are serious 9and not just looking for readers, though that is fine with me too) Don’t just write about it, DO something. She has already claimed to giving/showing device to police. You are there… do some investigating. Also with your connections to websleuth it is not to hard to beleive you could be connected to what ever it is that is going on here, or maybe you just stepped into it (maybe purposely?) I have talked with many who have be come part of this MM7 thing, some are involved in the LISK case others are not. But MM7 is just part of this crazy thing. So if you are truly wrongly accused (as many before you have claimed) DO something about it. You are an investegator in Florida… show us something, don’t just continue this he said/she said game that just keeps going in circles.

    • Zero, up until the issue of the drone came up, I had never heard of this woman. I had not been following the LISK case. I had watched one or two tv segments about the case and that was about it. I am not an investigator of any kind. I am a retired truck driver/business owner that blogs as well as new media streams as a hobby.I follow events of interest in Central Florida and in some cases, national events such as the trial in Arizona.
      This blog is a personal archive that is meant for a few friends and those interested in what I might have to say, pro or con. For the record, I am not connected in any way with the principals in the LISK case, be they any POI or victim or victm’s family.

      My only motive in regards to the drone was to provide information based on the technology and my knowledge of it. Nothing more nothing less.


  • zero dinh says:

    one more thing, your last statement about “the owner” wanting it back again puts question into why you commented on this “drone” in the first place. MM7 says she is searching for “truth” and now another truth seeker, both I fear are not being totally honest here…

  • To Kill a Mockingbird says:

    Go to the police Murt. Actually RUN TO THE POLICE!!!

    She will stalk you and park outside your home all day long. That is what she has done to many of us who she also wrongfully accused.


    File a report against her for the false accusations and for the LIBEL/SLANDER. She is tarnishing your good reputation. She is posting all over the internet that you are stalking her!!!

    Read this-


    and this…


    She has named you “MURT THE STALKER” and has already reported you to the FBI !!!!!!

    • The first part has already been done. She has no idea who it is she is tangling with. As far as libel/slander, it is an expensive process. First, getting a lawyer to take one of these cases, it is like pulling teeth. Most people who engage in this practice know this and that is why they do what they do.

      I certainly hope that she has reported me to the FBI. That will be her undoing as the FBI frowns upon people wasting their time with false reporting. There is someone in Canada right now who found that out the hard way.

      The area where I live is part of a neighborhood watch and is patrolled heavily. I also have a security camera system and have already redirected the cameras toward the road that runs in front of my house. If she wants her photo on the internet, she should smile for the camera.

      It is strange that in turn for trying to help this woman out, I get hit with the accusation that I am stalking her.
      The one thing I find confusing is that she seems to be angry that I retweeted the Ark of Hope twitter posting. I am confused as to why as I thought this woman was trying to raise awareness about human trafficking. I guess I was wrong and will not retweet anything from the Ark of Hope again. If I have that account on my follow list, I will unfollow it immediately.


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