Another mainstream media source has rattled the cage of fear of the interlopers who dare invade the country club that is called “The Press.” This time the big media crybaby is none other than the Orlando Sentinel. If anyone is to fear the new media bloggers and webcasters it is the print media.

Readerships and subscriptions are way down. The number one use of newspapers nowdays is for papertraining dogs, acting as poop absorbent for birds and rabbits and to have the unsold newspapers sent to Fort Howard Georgia to be turned into toilet paper. The number one reason anyone even buys a newspaper is for the Thursday coupon ads or for the Sunday ads to comparison shop for tv sets.

Even those uses are going by the wayside with companies like Groupon Ebay and the ever so free Craigslist making the need to PAY for a newspaper unnecessary.

Some of the name calling the reporter used in the article is rather striking as this representative of the newspaper apparently does not realize that the people who are being mocked and insulted are the vary readers and visitors to their website blogs and chats who are helping this member of a dying industry to survive to live enough to survive to see the next day and to TRY and make enough money to pay it’s bills and keep their stockholders from breathing down the neck of the people who run this rag.

The sad truth the Sentinel and other newspapers realize is that they are a dying breed. Readership is down. Subscriptions are down. With up to the second media sources like CNN and the many many multimedia powerhouses on the internet, fewer people are going to waste their gas to go down to the local 7-11 to buy news that is almost a day old by the time it hits the news stand.

More breaking news is being done on Youtube.com by multimedia cellphones than by any AP reporter on the scene. The unrest in Syria and the rest of the Middle East are glaring examples of how ineffective newspapers now are.

Twitter Cub Reporters are the new Journalists who provide UP TO THE SECOND updates of all sorts of events, large and small, both around the world and ABOVE the world. Even the ISS crew tweets up to the second updates, pictures and all. I suppose the ISS crew are not “paid journalists” hmm?

The Sentinel and other newspapers try and survive by setting up their own chats, blogs and yes GASP! Ustream streams. When I stream from the Orange County Courthouse press room, who else is in there streaming to Ustream? A newspaper! Care to guess which one? At the exact same time their photographer is roaming around the courtroom with his nice and expensive digital camera, the paper is streaming, for free, the feed from the court to Ustream while I am doing the exact same thing to Blogtv. Both of our sites have chats for people to interact with the live streams of the trial. All the tv stations are doing the exact same thing, of course with all of their reporters running around like ants on sugar trying to get that soundbyte they can use on the next SCHEDULED news that is already hours old as all the bloggers and streamers have gone through the documents and talked about the case on line already.

I remember, with some amusement, overhearing a reporter at the Blanchard Park search griping that I was able to generate a vieweship of over 4000 without spending a dime on promotion.

Rather than engage this new trend and work WITH the streamers and bloggers to produce a better product, these dinosaurs poke fun and rant against the interlopers who have invaded the country club of “the press.”

What these media giants forget to mention is that AFTER this UNIQUE trial, the press credential thing will go away. It is the first time Orange County has EVER done this and it has created an uproar within the press community already. This is an indicator that this may be the LAST time this is done.  At the March meeting there were reporters that raised great concerns about the credential requirements and I suspect the only reason there has not been a fight, so far, is that they had hoped that it would have scared off the “interlopers.”

I would also suspect that the taxpayers of Orange County are going to be howling mad when the Sheriff, who is begging for more GAS money releases the costs this credential fiasco will generate. This is fast becoming a million dollar trial which we, the residents of Orange County,  will wind up paying.

What is sad about this article is that the Sentinel is making much ado about a small number of people. The average blog boasts less than 100 people, many, like this one more like 10. Even the largest blog, not affiliated with a mainstream media outlet, has fewer subscribers (non paying by the way) then the smallest newspaper in the country.

In most cases the majority of the readers of the blogs are the authors of other blogs. We are all reading what each other is writing. We are mostly talking to ourselves.

The Orlando Sentinel is the Elephant afraid of the mouse.

The Orlando Sentinel should concentrate on doing a good job of being a professional newspaper and stop whining about those who care about such matters as the murder of a small child or they will find themselves in the tar pits ( and eventually in our gas tanks) like the rest of the dinosaurs.

Stay tuned



  • Anon says:

    When did you become a resident of Orange County? No one cares about you, stop aggrandizing. You are full of nothing but BS and hot air.

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