Somewhere in the great state of Texas, there are those at Texas Equusearch who are probably regretting getting involved in the Search for Caylee.

First was the blonde bimbo who got involved in a road rage incident in Orlando while cruising around with Misty Croslin. This same former Texas Equusearch volunteer also wound up in a drug sting, again with her new bff while up north in Putnam County.

Then, as the discovery started to trickle out, the press and bloggers alike began to see something rather interesting. The actions of certain “Casey is innocent” advocates were coming to light, among them the antics of Laura Buchanan regarding her claims regarding the recovery site of Caylee’s remains.

Ms. Buchanan, is alleged, in what has to be an amazing “dumb blonde moment” to have swiped some forms from Texas Equusearch and forged them, claiming to have searched the area where Caylee was recovered.

She claims to have searched there BEFORE Caylee was found. This would have been a neat trick since at the time she claimed to have searched there, the area was under about 6 feet of water. In fact half of Blanchard Park, the future site of the LP search was under at least 4 feet of water, all of this due to the unprecedented amount of rain that drenched the area. All one as to do is go to my photobucket site to see the photos I took of JYP around this period of time.

Now if someone were to look REAL close at the discovery documents they would see the brief mention of an interesting young lady from the state of Michigan. It seems these two women had it in their head that Casey was INNOCENT and that there was really a Zanny the Nanny out there who had Caylee. There was an effort made to try and track this non-existent woman down and in the process, Find Caylee.

Now a lesser known effort, by the Defense, anyway, was the alleged antics of one of these women in yet another document forgery, this time involving Detective Dominic Casey. I think you can all guess what these documents are.

I wonder what would have happened if Det. Casey would have dug a bit deeper into how those documents “appeared” in his e-mail in box to see that there was a connection to Ms. Buchanan. Would he have wondered if there was a more direct connection to the death of Caylee by someone other than Roy Kronk? What would have been the outcome if he had done his job and investigated that lead only to find out that he had been hoodwinked by a group of “armchair detective” and wasted time that could have been better spent trying to pin down exactly what happened to Caylee as well as to Haleigh Cummings, another case he decided to stick his nose into.

Perhaps the defense team and private detective will take a closer at Laura Buchanan and see that she had someone close to her that had been involved in the case around the same time the forged Equusearch documents were created.

Based on the actions of these woman and others, the defense could argue that there was a group of bloggers pretending to believe that Casey was innocent while trying to frame her and divert attention away from someone who may well have had something to do with her death.

If Bozo the clown were to think along those lines, a young college student from Michigan might find her self on an airplane to Orlando.

Now wouldn’t THAT be interesting?

Stay tuned



  • Nota says:

    Now let’s leave that crazy biatch in Michigan where she belongs. Her and her nut job of a mother. I hope like hell that Laura Buchanan gets charged with her stunt. Both of them, just like Douche, have this need to stick their damn noses into where they do not belong. Same can be said about P and her multiple phone calls to FL. What the hell is wrong with people? Attention whores, I think.

  • NOTA: The problem here is what is known as obstruction of justice. These two so called “arm chair detectives” decided that Zanny the nanny was real and that Casey was innocent. Their actions reflected that belief. Laura, by submitting those forms, demonstrated the willingness to lie to the court despite the seriousness of the crime involved.

    Now, “The Iron maidan” shows up in the discovery as a bff of Ms Buchanan and judging by her actions in the Zanny the Nanny search it is not hard to imagine her KNOWINGLY submitted FORGED so called “private messages” to the court in what is again A DEATH PENALTY TRIAL.

    To date, I do not think it has sunk in to the little minds of these “pranksters” just how much potential trouble they may be in, if the defense or someone starts looking at the circumstances behind these antics.

    If Bozo the clown does decide to look around for a potential accomplice based on this material, someone from Michigan might well find herself on the way to Florida and it will not be to go to Disney World.


  • Nota says:

    Murt, none of them gave a crap that there could be repercussions to their lies and forgery. Like I said, I hope they both get charged coming out of this. Yes, they did impede an investigation by sticking their big noses into something they had nothing to do with. These attention whores didn’t care this was a death penalty case. Attention whores don’t think that deep because it’s all about them.

    By the way, I saw Bekki’s words of warning to you about watching what you write. Phuck her. She’s the one that inserted herself into this case. Write whatever the hell you want. At least, we’ll know it’s the truth.

  • Before worrying about what I write, she might want to start worrying about what her bff might say to save HER ass. There might be a lot of spilled beans before this trial is over.

  • Bekki says:

    Who is my BFF now?? Laura buchanan? I’ve never met her, never spoken to her in fact i’ve never even heard of her lmfao. So you might want to check your facts there murtard. And don’t say “i never said you” because the poster right above you did, and you went right along with that and said my bff?

    The only person i talked to was Melissa Earnest who has now been shown to have made a fraudulent myspace page, contacted cindy anthony, and baez, and used that fraudulent “zanny” myspace page to get everyone riled up.

    I have already been interviewed by melich and allen twice, turned over the passwords to my facebook, myspace, and all of my email addresses as well as gave access to my hard drive and VOLUNTEERED to do so..they just wanted certain things off my pc, i gave them everything off it.

    And before you continue jumping on your “caseys innocent” bandwagon here.. I wasn’t interviewed for the defense..i was interviewed for the prosecution and am well aware that i have a 50/50 chance of being pulled down to the trial AGAINST casey AND her mother. Baez, dominic casey, the whole bunch of them have their asses in hot water. And Cindy has her ass nailed by asking me to do something i refused to do, but Melissa agreed to do. I already know far more about this than any of you have any idea of. If i get pulled down to florida melich and allen said they would come up here to me first, and do an in person interview for whatever else they need to prevent me from having to go to florida. You realize if i get pulled down there they have to pay for it right? LMFAO. the ticket, lodging, meals, all of it considering im not on trial, i’d be helping one side. So by all means! I’d LOVE a vacation to Florida, i’ve been on enough out of the country vacay’s lately could use some hot weather šŸ™‚

    • Well Ms Sowerby based on my PERSONAL experience with you, and the WRITEN ststements by MANY others, I am vonvinced that you and the truth are strangers. Kindly direct me to the discovery page of your interviews as the deadline for submission of ALL discovery has passed for both sides.


      • Bekki says:

        They are not in there..and they WONT be in there šŸ™‚ You can believe me or not believe me i really don’t care lmfao.. But you can also call melich and allen yourself and find out šŸ˜‰ You know my full name, you don’t know where i live lol but you know my state! Feel free to give them a call and see if they will tell you. 3/4 of the interviews they have actually done are NOT released. BUT i’m sure you can get it with the sunshine law /act whatever the hell its called šŸ™‚ .. I can even pinpoint the date that the first interview happened .. I can actually supply you with the email that was sent to me from John Allen regarding what was said on the phone BUT that’s not going on this page publicly because it’s his email address and i’m not posting it. so..I’f you would like to direct message me on twitter i will direct message it right back to you with the agreement that you do NOT post his email address on this or any site … Twitter away the way the date of the interview was march 11 2010 i had to pull over on the side of the road because he called while i was driving.. then i lost service so i had to drive until i got bars and call him back..we played phone tag for nearly an hour the first time.. Twitter away..

        • Liar said:

          They are not in there..and they WONT be in there
          Of course they will not be there because they did not happen. Unless, of course it is YOU that is being investigated. For someone NOT from Florida you think to know a lot. I LIVE HERE and have both the connections and knowledge to find out the information I need.

          You have my e-mail addy so send me what will be a phoney made up letter, as you seem to be an expert at that sort of thing. ALL the detectives use e-mail addresses that are supplied by the department and thus are open to public inspection and knowledge. You must not have been reading the discovery docs.

          Nice try.


        • Well, Bekki Dipshit:

          PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law (F. S. 119).
          All e-mails to and from County Officials are kept as a public record.
          Your e-mail communications, including your e-mail address may be
          disclosed to the public and media at any time.

          It is right on the thing you sent me. If anything THIS PROVES YOU STUCK YOUR NOSE INTO WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG AND CAUSED THE OCSO TO DO A LOT OF UNNECESSARY WORK!! I can just imagine what a nutcase like you and Cindy discussed. Time will tell.


    • SO NOW THE TRUTH IS OUT, BEKKI IS IN THIS FOR THE MONEY! SHe says: Iā€™d LOVE a vacation to Florida.
      Sorry to burst your bubble, bimbo, but things do not work that way here. You would be here just long enough to testify and would be SEQUESTERED, meaning in a witness room. You would NOT be free to roam around and would be watched to be certain you did not blab to the press. The state has a hotel contract where you would stay and your access to television and the internet would be controlled. It is more likely that a sworn deposition would be done through CISCO from the state atty office in your town.

      The defense would have a field day impeeching you. I understand that both the Anthony’s atty and Casey’s attys have copies of ALL the blogs about you and a rather strange collection of youtube clips regarding your escapades on Paltalk.


  • SOURBY AND THE TRUTH ARE STRANGERS. Under fla law any interview HAS to be realeased.

    There are many blogs regarding her many lies.
    When Sowerby comes to Orlando, she will be in handcuffs.

    Btw, law enforcement will not do depositions with someone in a moving vehiclr.

  • Bekki says:

    Murt you’re so full of it.. i posted the comment on this page twice in both comments was the email from John Allen šŸ™‚ .. I can post it again and again since your monitoring comments now and wont allow your readers to see it . šŸ™‚

    • hmmm whats this?? says:

      btw previously stated.. “PULLED OVER TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD” .. They don’t do interviews while your car is moving.. They also don’t do them when you have bad service and they cannot accurately record what you are saying because too many unintelligable things are said.

    • Bekki:
      Dipshit, I have not seen your forged letter yet. When I do, I will post it.

      You seem awful concerned about what I write in this blog. Why is that?


  • utalkn2me says:

    Casey Jr. can’t believe one single thing she says. Bekki do what you do best, go take your clothes off for some guys on live cam

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