spinsterWell, the spinster did it again. She told a series of lies yet again. Now the old fart is claiming that I “Threw Steubenville under the bus.” Umm, not quite Radio. Let us examine the series of lies from this so called engineer who seems to be able to do nothing but engineer lies.

A bit of background as to what triggered Radios latest set of lies. It seems there is a blog called Local Leaks which a lot of people consider the worst thing Anonymous could have ever created.

The blog contains what many consider serious errors regarding what happened in regards to the Big Red Rape case. The blog, as it turns out is represented in some fashion by a law firm out of California.

For quite a long time A group of Steubenville residents and one or two Anonymous members tried to get the blog to allow them to set the record straight and counter what they considered false information that appeared on Local Leaks.

Since parties from both sides of this issue and I follow each other, I was familiar to some extent with the interactions between all involved.

Now to the tirade by Radio that contained yet more lies about me and the circumstances behind the whole thing.

Radio lie number one:

As soon as Murt saw me tweeting with an attorney – he

barges in attempting to sandbag the entire effort. Why? Because Murt always does crap like this hoping that someone, anyone will pay attention to him.


There are a number of problems with this LIE by Radio. First of all I am not capable of sandbagging anything nor was that my intent. What I found puzzling about the whole thing is that all the information contained within Local Leaks was also at the center of the lawsuit between The Saltsmans and Alexandra H Goddard. Remember, it was Goddard’s blog that was the source of the accusation that Saltsman was the ringleader behind the rape. Check the discovery records and then compare to what appears on Local Leaks. Compare also Goddards own words.

So, it was somewhat of a surprise to me that Radio was wanting the blog shut down. It would have been the first time it actually did something right.

Now for the next Radio lie:

“Murt can’t stand Prinnie. The same goes for Michelle. Murt can’t stand anyone who does like either of them or associates with either one. Murt will let nothing stand in his way of messing with anyone in that category.”

My problem with both  of these women is that the cannot seem to mind their own business. Michelle L McKee by her own admission started in on me in 2006 and Goddard got into the fray around 2008.

I had never heard of either of these women before 2008. I had no idea of who they are or why they started in on me.

BOTH of these women told lie after lie about me and had private blog where they plotted between themselves and a small group of trolls to bring down my Ustream and Paltalk webcasts. They even went to the extent of backing the efforts of several Anonymous members to infiltrate my websites and put pornography on them. One Anonymous known as MonoxideMMAC even went to the lengths of putting links to child pornography on several websites. So much for Anonymous being against child pornography.


This was the reason for the two blogs I wrote about the interactions. These two women made it their life mission to stalk me to the point where I was FORCED to shut down my streams and concentrate, instead on the massive propaganda campaign they lodged against me that continues to this day through their minions.

I have said many times over that all these women have to do is to DELETE the material they created and this would end. The answer is always no. They want the drama not me and the fact that their propaganda is still out there is proof positive.

Radio also told all sorts of lies about those in Steubenville that have the same problems with McKee Goddand and yes, of course, with Radio itself.

Radio seems to be under the mistaken impression that I have some central role in regards to those who have an issue with Goddard, McKee and others who have inserted themselves into the Big Red Rape case to the extent that the stage was set for the creation of the Local Leaks blog.

Remember that there is one woman from out west who bragged that it was her that brought Anonymous into the Big Red Rape case. It was the introduction of Anonymous into this case that has caused untold damage to those who had nothing to do with the case. IF Anonymous had stayed out of this situation, the outcome of the case would have been the same and there would not be the need for the citizens of Steubenville to continue to clean up the mess made by these interlopers.

Radio knows this and that is why this latest attack against me as resurfaced. Radio knows full well that I have little if any influence on anything that goes on. The tirade it wrote about me demonstrates the extent it will go to to lie about me as well as those who were complete strangers to its blog just a few short months ago.

Radio is doing the same thing to the Citizens of Steubenville that is continues to do to the Caylee warriors and those who followed the Haleigh Cummings case. It seems to feel that it is the only person who can discuss certain subjects on the internet and will regulate the tone of the discussions. Anyone who goes against its “rules of the internet” will pay dearly. One only has to read the blog from the time it was created to today. The proof is there for all to see.


Stay Tuned



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