I can almost guess who this loon is as it cannot keep its stories straight. I have seen post after post by this lying sack of crap over the years to have a pretty good idea who this idiot is.

This loon is probably one of the biggest liars that makes its home at that den of lies run by Radio.

In its latest tirade of lies ScoobyDUD does a bit of false narrative when explaining how things went over at my streaming site.

This is the most common lie that gets repeated by Scooby and its sock puppets:

“Oh he pretends he was fighting for Caylee but if you were ever a member of any of his broadcast chats, you would of seen that members would be talking about the case and the minute Murt came into the chat room, it was all about him and his so called haters.”

First, what ScoobyDUD leaves OUT of its tirade is that it was Goddard and McKee that started the attacks in the first place. I never heard of either of them. They came out of the blue and attacked me as well as each and every one of my supporters.

Next, what Scooby leaves OUT is that I left the multimedia stream site open 24 hours a day 7 days per week. During the search for Caylee we discussed the case and other related issues.

The only time the antics by Goddard McKee and their minions came up is when Goddard started attacking my administrators with her Radio like posts demeaning themĀ  and exposing highly personal medical issues of some of them such as the woman with the colostomy bag.

Scooby leaves OUT how Goddard used to make fun of an amputee confined to a wheel chair or how she wished the wheels would come off the wheelchair of another woman who was suffering from MS.

And how about that article about the woman with the colostomy bag. I think it was called Mommies Follies? Remember that one Scooby?

Of course there is the classic case of where Goddard outed the sister of one of my admins for being an UNREGISTERED Child sex offender. She tore into my administrator to the point where she left my chat because I would not condone her defending a sex offender on my chat.

Scoobydoo also leaves out the Murt’s skirts blog that posted PERSONAL information about people whose only sin was to come into my chat room. NONE of these women talked about or cared about Goddard and the others until they were attacked the same way those in Steubenville are being attacked.

It was these unrelenting attacks against my followers that drove them away. The price of participating in a friendly chat was the attacks by cyber abusers until these people decided to leave in order to get away from these abusers.

I can be absolutely certain that if I were to start a regularly scheduled webcast where the names Goddard McKee and Radio did NOT come up, that the attacks would begin in earnest.

And now we go to my blogs. I have stated over and over again that the blogs mentioned by Scooby were primarily to counter the LIES told by McKee Goddard and their third party accomplices. I had stated time and again since 2008 that if these people would quit attacking me and delete the material this would all end. The answers have always been no.

There is the Scooby lie about me contacting the first judge in the case. I did contact the OFFICE of the judge and spoke to a senior staff member in his office and found out the information having to do with the incident that caused the judge to recuse himself.

Now to get down to the blogs. Just like Goddard McKee AND Radio, I have had more than one blog and do have more than one blog.

There is this blog which was created primarily to counter the lies from my haters and also has within it articles of interest to me. I consider this a personal blog.

Another blog “The Murt Report” was a short lived blog that was on a blog hosting service. Due to a lot of problems within the blog template, I moved the contents of the blog to a new host and deleted it.

Another blog “From The Desk of Murtwitnessonelive” is on my domain. It is currently dormant until I decide to go through the process of getting the thing to work.

Next is the Mud Pit blog. I set up that blog to coincide with “Murt’s Mud Pit.” which is a multimedia stream site I intend to set up. The site and the blog is meant to be an informal party like site where people can engage in friendly chat and listen to music and so forth.

The Mud Pit actually replaced Murthaven-Florida which is an interesting story in itself and one that ScoobyDUD conveniently omits. I wonder why.

Well, here is the truth that Scooby and others WILL NOT TELL. Back when there was this ongoing problem with trolls and haters over on my Paltalk chat site I had decided to create a chat room called MurthavenFlorida and a matching blog.

Well, some loon decided to be cute and pull a “M2KFLA” and set up a blog called “The Truth About Murt” using the URL Murthaven Florida in a deceptive effort to MISDIRECT people away from the Murthaven Florida blog that I had set up.

These are only a few examples of the extent of the lies and deceptions that this group has gone through to harass a retired 62 year old widower.

Out of the hundreds of thousands of blogs and streams out there, these loons attack a 62 year old retired truck driver with a 6 reader blog.

Try telling the truth for once Scoobydoo. Somehow I doubt you are capable of doing that.

Stay tuned


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