Anonymous doesn’t play nice. If you piss off Anonymous, you awaken an angry Giant and fill it with a terrible resolve.

Radio is about to find out why one needs to tread lightly when associating with Anonymous. Radio has been accused in aiding in the doxing of a member of Anonymous. That is not a wise thing to do.


At this point it is not certain how many Anonymous members are going to participate in the actions against Radio, but all it takes is one Anonymous with the right skills and the right experience and Radio will be in for one hell of a Maalox moment.

Stay tuned



  • Oh me oh my, rodeo is tasting some of the same dish served cold as its been putting out for some time. I’m sure they will also use the same disclaimer as done in bad humor and satire as rodeo does, has done, and will continue doing. Something tells me this is far from over and rodeo, we aren’t laughing at you, we are setting back waiting for the day one releases all your info. And they will.
    Does anyone remember that when you remove your website from a server and move on, that the delete is not a guarantee, So there is a server in Leland, NC that has all of the rodeo info on it, and one in Houston, Texas. And I am sure that has more info about rodeo then just an email address. After all a real person, has to sign up, giving a real name, address etc. get my jest here folks.

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