The one thing I find troubling in the events over the past three years is how the stalkers and pranksters are playing around with death with actions that may have serious consequences.

This week, the actions of one individual may well open the investigation of certain items that may well lead to the jury to make a decision in a death penalty case that will be far different than would have been made if these actions had not taken place.

The continuing lies these people made regarding the material submitted to a private detective that found their way into the discovery in the case of The State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony may have unexpected results.

Now, before the one blogger out there starts to write her predictable retort, she needs to stop and think for a while about the recent events I wrote about in the preceding article.

To date, nobody, not her, not her supporters, nor the blogger

community has  come to the realization as to how serious the situation has become. Someone has knowingly submitted material to Detective Dominic Casey knowing full well he would take immediate and forceful action considering the contents within.

I read with amazement how they were proud with their inflated egos they were with what they were able to accomplish. With all that celebrating for the past two plus years, these ego blinded people failed to understand that the accused murder of a young little girl may be set free or at least be spared the death penalty as the result of a childish prank.

To this day, they quite frankly “do not give a damn.”

If their antics were bad enough in regards to this case, consider the fact that they did this not only to THIS case but to TWO others.

The sending of the messages not only went to the Private detective, but the same people also sent the messages to the Leesburg Florida City Police Department.

Over the course of two years, one woman in particular pestered the lead detectives in the case insisting that I murdered or claimed to have murdered Trenton Duckett and then told the father of this child I knew where he was buried.

Now the people who did this apparently do not care that they may well have prevented the police from finding the answer to finding Trenton.

How could this be? you ask. Quite simple. The time and resources that might have been spent chasing down the “leads” regarding me were steered AWAY from any leads that might have brought the answers to the fate of Trenton.

We may never know since the records of this case remain SEALED and may remain that way forever.

The antics of these fools may well have prevented finding the answers regarding the still missing Haleigh Cummings since Detective Dominic Casey felt it necessary to tie up the resources of the Putnam County Sheriff’s department with the vary same material.

The question has to be is trashing the reputation of someone with material these people know is FALSE and a HOAX worth the denial of justice for these three children and lead to the possibility that two of them may never be found due to their actions?

They seem to think so.

I would hope that someone outside the inner circle of the battle that caused these actions would study the how and why their actions affected these cases and find a solution that would prevent someone else doing something similar in a future case or cases. I would hate to think that a murder would go free or a child remain missing because of someone’s idea of a JOKE.

Stay Tuned



  • Nota says:

    Murt, these idiots DO NOT CARE, IF BECAUSE OF THEIR LIBELOUS ACTIONS, that Casey might go free. They DO NOT CARE if Trenton or Haleigh are ever found. They will continue to say that you are at fault. They will never take responsibility for their actions. They know what the truth is but will continue to perpetuate these lies of theirs that seem to give them some sick satisfaction of what they have done to you. It’s all a funny sick game to them.

    They know damn well that you were pushed and pushed and pushed until you fought back and played right into their hands. In your frustration at the constant barrage of attacks, they knew eventually you’d crack and they were right there ready to exploit that. It was despicable of them to send the FAKE ALTERED PM’S to Dunce Casey. They already knew him to be an incompetent idiot. What was the point of sending it to him? On what basis was it given to him? They absolutely knew he would turn it over and were a party to the smear campaign of you that they went on. It was one quest after another, trying to set you up to full on attack you. All the while, Ms. Taint would dream up these attacks but then sit back and laugh that once again she manipulated her minions to do her dirty work so she could continue to declare she did nothing. I’ve got all her words and if she continues to press on with her bull shit I may just start putting it all out there and out every one of those muther phuckers. Right Flys??? Then watch them all scatter to say it’s all made up. Nope, it’s not. C&P’d all your sick little schemes.

    This Douche person. What business is it of theirs to get into the middle of something pertaining to you and Renzo? If they’ve got such a full, rich and rewarding life, why are they defending someone on something that didn’t even involve them? And why the hell are they still here reading? Hypocrites, every one of them. Why does Douche even care what you say? Dumb shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      NOTA: Just do it!

      *Show what you have about Ms Taint and her minions and what they have said and done.
      *What do YOU have to lose? The harm they did to Mr. Murtaugh keeps them happy.
      *Why are people afraid to expose what has been going on “behind the scenes”?
      *Has Ms Taint threatened you?
      *Who gives a shit about what their response will be? The copies you have will be proof.

      NOW is the time to do it. Not after the trial. PLEASE JUST DO IT !

      • Nota says:

        Trust me, I’m not afraid of that half breed. I’ve got far more than a twit’s worth. Maybe I’ll tell Murt to start posting it here. It’s explosive. Exposes a bunch of those biatches and their antics. It’ll blow Ms. Taints lies wide open. The who, what and when. But first, Pima needs a bunch of it for the perjury.

    • NOT GUILTY says:

      For those of you that think Casey is guilty of FIRST DEGREE MURDER…… You better watch this, if you haven’t already.

    • Nota;
      The Anonymous crowd are liars. Their reading of this blog is proof enough. Why would Douche be so concerned about Renzo’s calls and confessions? He calls me every single day and Douche says nothing about that. Seems to be someone who wants me to think they have a connection to Renzo which they may or may not.


      • Nota says:

        But why does Douche think they have to answer for Renzo? That’s what I don’t get. Unless it’s Renzo. What a twisted bunch.

  • lilmouse says:

    Nota, I hope you c/p some of YOUR comments. 2 faced bitch.

    • Nota:
      In one short comment “mouse” affirmed the points i made in the article as well your comment.


    • Nota says:

      Hey little rodent, let me guess…a fly? I see one accounted for. Where’s the other? Hmm…so many choices. If you’ve got my comments, put it out there. By all means. Ought to be interesting. Never said anything that couldn’t be printed everywhere. Never was a party, only a witness to many sick phucked up tricks. Never understood the meaning to half of it. But then there was that line crossed.

      What the hell are you people doing reading here anyway? Thought you didn’t follow Murt’s blog. Liar liar, pants on fire. All of you. What is the sick satisfaction? It fails me.

  • lilmouse says:

    Nota, I hope you c/p some of YOUR comments, 2 faced bitch.

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