spinsterRadio, the poor old spinster is lonely again for me as it is now writing about my recent posts concerning an airplane belonging to a friend of mine.



girlmanIt seems that if I ignore the old gal (or girleyman)  it comes over to my twitter account in order to find something to write about. I guess the trials and turmoil up in Steubenville is not exciting enough for the old tart.

Stay tuned



  • Murt, anon members suggested everyone should shun the hag.. so I’ve been a very good girl and shunning the hell out her.. Of course she peering over everyone, wanting to know if anyone is talking about her, or if they wanted to talk to her.. Noooo.. its a big NO Body.. tell her to go talk to executionerreal..

    • I had been ignoring the old tart. I was under the mistaken impression that I was safe from it’s stalking since it was entwined in the Doxing of the Anon scandal over on its cyber abuse blog. I guess it needed a diversion.


  • eddieboyle1 says:

    If Im correct Murt , Radio is “short and stocky” as described by her peers in her trade. All women with a mouth like a sailor. Often described as wearing pancaked makeup. Likes to cough alot so her peers say. Regardless what a joke this has been, cant wait to get down to business going to be really exciting in the next few weeks. They know my family were not stopping but just getting started.

    It been like a circus over there, your blogs have been right on, keep up the good work.

    ANON which I know little about can do there thing, all the power to them, in a few weeks Radio will know who’s knocking.

    Have a good one.


    • I have been informed from several sources, including a prominent Florida Atty, that NOBODY has any idea of what Radio’s true name is or what it looks like. Nobody has met this individual. Those who have claimed to have talked to the person states that the person has an unusual voice. The way the voice has been described indicates that it may have been altered by devices designed for that purpose. Radio claims to be a certified Electrical and Mechanical engineer which would give it the technical knowledge to accomplish that action. The person also uses an internet based telephone with no visible number.

      Nobody has ever been able to confirm the person’s gender, age, or race. There are many who feel that the posted autobiographical information by the individual(s) are complete fabrications. There has been no reliable verification about anything the person has put in reference to itself is factual or accurate.


    • Guest says:

      Is Radio a truck driver? Sorry – couldn’t resist. I know better.

  • eddieboyle1 says:

    Murt It seems you have had the wool pulled over your eyes. As many have, I fell for it and my perception was just the same. Relax just sit back. You’ll know in time.

    The legal system doesn’t care about mythical voice changers and occupations.

    We have heard the same from that so called prominent South Florida Attorney and then some.

    I don’t know you but if we did business , vacationed, ate at your table with you I would know you, just as you would know me.

    I know your not qualified on who this person really is and I can say that without any doubt.

    So when you allude to that South Florida Attorney, I can only really can only be explained like this, stick to toy and mechanical drones as I don’t know anything about them, its clearly evident you don’t know anything about that Attorney. Thanks.

    You read the trash, everyone has I think were a bit more more qualified on the matter who is and part of Radio.

    Keep up the good work and interesting topics we’ll keep you informed.

    Give it time as It takes time, as are just beginning, we haven’t even started yet.

    Radio knows this.

    Thanks again,


    • Mr. Boyle.
      I was stating what was told to me by the atty and others. I have lost trust in the atty a long time ago and have told her as much. Due to something that occurred a few months ago, I have learned not to take her at her word. I am severely disappointed with how she has handled herself concerning things going on between bloggers and has, in my opinion, abused her status as an atty to harass someone unfairly.

      Good luck with your efforts. I will be watching closely.


  • eddieboyle1 says:

    You will be one of the the first to Murt. As I have said before your blog and what it stand for speaks for itself it allows people to express themselves freely and not be censored, ridiculed, harassed, defamed, libeled.

    No one is untouchable.



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