I have heard that a certain prominent someone had a slight adjustment problem when it came to adjusting to changing time between 2 0r 3 time zones recently.


I find this rather amusing since I have had to fight varying time zones for the past 39 years as a truck driver and as a small businessman.


Over the road truck drivers drive from coast to coast on a daily basis. A truck driver could start out from Orlando, Florida at 5:00 am and wind up in New Orleans the next morning.


A team of truck drivers can be on the road 24 hours a day 7 days a week going through different time zones like pawns on a chess board.

Airline pilots have it much worse. They go through the same time zones on a constant basis.

There are also the millions of workers who work the graveyard shifts as well as those workers who work double shifts and swing shifts.


The rants of  a single individual who spends the bulk of their time in a luxury condo in Arizona having to spend 3 hours in an airplane going back to an equally life of luxury and laziness strikes those of us in the above categories as nothing more than the whining of a wuss.


The motto here is: “If you are going to cry, don’t fly.”

Stay tuned


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