usmcThe Marine has landed and his name is Ace, actually he goes by OfficalAce. He is not an Anonymous but supports their various causes.


Ace has been creating something of a ruckus lately in his efforts to combat the doxing of an anonymous by another anonymous. He had originally came out with a list of 9 offenders who were being targeted for participating in the doxing of the Anon. Those on the list include various Anonymous members as well as at least one blogger and perhaps at least one non-Anonymous.

Ace has also posted that he has commenced an official complaint to the feds regarding the actions the doxing.

One completely surprising development is that Ace has teamed up with McGreggors Back and has written a brief blog article as her guest.


I know little about Ace other than he is not happy about the doxing and has confined his actions to seeking justice for the person who is said to be the victim.

I will be following things closely to see where things go.

Stay tuned


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