courtroomThere was an interesting comment that I saw somewhere on the subject of screenshots. It went something like this: “Screenshots will not hold up in court unless authenticated.” The person who made this comment has put herself out there as a legal consultant. The interesting about all of this is that 100% of the accusations that have been made against me have NEVER been authenticated. ALL the accusations made against me were based on screenshots. The accusations cover EXACTLY 5 years since it was September of 2008 when I was first attacked by the same stalkers who continue to make the same accusations based on the same unauthenticated streen shots to this day.

The person who made this comment did so because she is being accused mainly through screenshots purported to be by her. Despite years of proof as to how easily content can be faked on the internet, these accusations against me continue to exist. The thing to understand here is that no matter how obvious the truth is regarding accusations made against me and my supporters are indeed FALSE, the accusers will never admit they were wrong.

You see, the accusers do not make these accusations to seek out any truth. They make the accusations out of fear, out of hate and out of the need for attention.

Stay tuned




canadaflagbcflagI had intended to make the article I wrote  about the death threat that was sent to Holly Briley the last entry in this blog when it was over at it’s original location. Certain subsequent  actions caused me to write this article. I was a bit surprised to have gotten a tweet from Holly Briley asking what happened to my blog. She informed me that it had been suspended. I could not figure out what  would be the cause since there was nothing on my blog that would have violated the TOS with WordPress.

I went into the blog, and sure enough, It was suspended. Not only was this blog suspended but so were all the others I have created through WordPress which I found rather strange. It was the reason for the suspension that struck me. Holly has been having an ongoing dispute with another blogger I will call “The Canadian Blogger” since around the time the infamous “Casey Video” found it’s way into the news.  To say the two women do not like each other is an understatement.

As I published the accounts of certain events between the two women, I have always allowed all points of view on this blog and have never blocked anyone from reading here. I therefore found it rather odd that the threatening letter wound up being the cause of the suspension:


The DMCA had The Canadian Blogger as the person who filed the take down notice. This is rather strange since if the letter had actually been sent to Holly Briley, she was the original copyright holder regardles of where the letter was posted. The Canadian Blogger would have no copyright claim to it.

I immediately sent an e mail to the blogger DIRECTLY FROM THE E MAIL ADDRESS CITED IN THE COMPLAINT. The Canadian Blogger wrote back denying that she had filed the complaint. Our writings went back and forth for quite some time. The tone of the exchanges soon changed until The Canadian Blogger demanded that I take her name off of the article. This in spite that I had included her denial in the article.

This has caused me to reconsider her claim that she was impersonated when the DMCA complaint was made. Another blog, Radionewz.net had claimed at one time that the administrator had to set the blog up outside of the United States in order to avoid having take down notices to be unfairly lodged against it, mainly by the same Canadian Blogger. It seems that claims is valid based on my experience.

I have obliged the Canadian Blogger’s request and have decided to omit her name from the article in question. This, however comes at a price. I will no longer allow her to comment on this blog and I will also, over time, remove posts by her that she has left on this blog site as well as the other one. I do not like censorship but if she insists in self censorship then that censorship goes both ways.

Through ongoing discussions with WordPress regarding this matter it is my opinion that the Canadian Blogger did , in fact, create the death threat letter and also filed the DMCA complaint when I published it on my wordpress sponsored blog.

IF that same blogger files another DMCA or anyone else files a DMCA, I will not have to wait a week or two to get the matter resolved. Godaddy has a more refined process to resolve matters of this nature and they have assured me that they do not take false take down notices lightly. So I would suggest that trolls refrain from these kinds of antics.

What the events surrounding this letter prove is that there is widespread fraud and misrepresentation on the internet. There are hundreds of examples of false content being on line. Google is certainly not your friend as the search engine does not distinguish between fact and fiction.

Determining what is fact or fiction is in the hands of the reader.

Stay tuned



I am writing on this blog although I had not intended to do so because I am both concerned and angry. There seems to be an uptick in the intensity behind some actions on the internet recently. These actions seem to center on identity theft and death threats.




The First part is that a well known blog is being impersonated. This is not the first time this has been done. This has been going on for years. What makes this impersonation unique is that it may be those listed as the owner of the fake blog who themselves have been impersonated.

When it first became known that the impersonator blog was on the internet, a whois search was done and it was shown that Holly and Jon Briley were the owners of the site. My question at the time was why would they so openly register the blog? It would be a simple matter to list the ownership as private and hide whoever it was that owned the blog. The cost to have a private registration is fairly inexpensive depending on who one chooses for a domain registry host.

Holly Briley has been widely impersonated in the past and I felt this was just another prank on some unknown person’s part.

Then comes the second and most serious incident that is of the most concern. The Brileys have received a direct death threat.

A line has been crossed.

Death threats or even the hints of a death threat on the internet cannot be tolerated. There have been a number of these incidents recently. This all needs to stop and whoever is behind these threats needs to be made accountable for their actions.

If there is anything I can do to help the Brileys find out who is behind these actions, I am at their disposal.

I am hoping that this is the last time I have to make an entry on this blog. It has been my intent to stop writing on this blog and move on over to the other blog and return to the kind of blogging I had intended years ago when I started writing them.

Stay tuned



Well, moving day is over, sort of. This blog is now at it’s new home. Due to the way the transfer process works, some images did not make the trip. When I have some spare time, I will edit the various entries and either eliminate images or replace them as I see fit.

Stay tuned



zwifelmpdGeorge Zimmerman cannot keep out of trouble. First he gets pulled over in Texas and given a warning ticket for Speeding, then he gets caught speeding here in Florida and now, then his wife says enough and files for divorce and now George is arrested after an altercation with a neighbor involving a gun.

This guy cannot catch a break. Now the social media sites will once again have George to talk about and perhaps another trial.

Stay tuned








justiceblindWhile doing research on another subject, I came across this rather interesting website. While the website deals primarily with perceived wrongs within the state of Rhode Island, it also has resources for researching problems in other states and offers advice how to attempt to right a wrong caused either by a Judge, lawyer or other officers of the court.


There are a number of people out there who might benefit from reading this website as there seems to be an increasing number of incidents having to do with misconduct by Lawyers and judges.

In this enlightened age where the internet provides more resources for those in need, websites like the one posted may become more common as people seek out alternative resources to right their perceived wrongs when they have run out of more conventional solutions.

One has to wonder how society will change as the proliferation of this kind of information becomes more widely available and more people become aware of it.


Stay tuned





leestrannyIn a blog article today, Conservative blogger Lee Stranahan has implicated that Alexandra H Goddard may have confessed to sexual Assault when she was interviewed by a reporter for the New Yorker magazine.

To quote Lee Stranahan from his article:


He made the following observation:

“In my trips to Steubenville, I had heard the stories about Alexandria Goddard supposedly exacting on a man. The stories sounded too crazy to be true. Several independent sources told me that years ago, she and a friend tricked a guy into coming to their apartment under the guise of a threesome, then tied him down and proceeded to shove a bottle of hot sauce into his rectum. They said that Prinnie bragged about this and the story was well known around town.”

He went on to point out a rather interesting statement that Alexandra H Goddard made to the reporter:


“Once, a guy in town tried to force himself on a friend of hers, so Goddard devised a retaliatory scheme. They lured the man to her house under the pretext of having sex, and, after he took off his clothes, “I had a bottle of Habanero sauce we used at the bar for wing night, and I lightly basted his junk,” Goddard said. In her recollection, they threw him out on the street, naked, in the cold. “It was snowing like hell, and he had to walk a very long way,” she said. “All the guys at the mill were talking about it. After that, men were scared of us for a very long time.”

I will be most interested to see what Lee Stranahan is able to discover about the so called “Defender of rape victims.”

Stay tuned



kyanonshadowdickMy goodness gracious me, the arrows of pedophile accusations are now being slung at Mr Derek Lostutter by a guest author of a blog that used to act as his cheerleader. It seems that Mr Lostutter now known as Shadowrapz decided to go into a chat strutting his stuff sans clothing. The problem, according to the guest author, he decided to do so in his birthday suit. This, as the rumor goes, in the presence of a 14 year old.

Now these are rumors, mind you, but since there are those out there that take the word of that particular blog as Gospel, it would seem that an active member of Anonymous is a pedophile and there are those who are actively supporting this individual who have a history of exposing pedophiles including one who was an administrator of Websleuths.

I guess it is their turn to be scorned for not properly vetting those whom they bring into their cause.

Stay tuned



psmnSeveral days ago, some statements were made by a blogger concerning certain court documents and his claim of reporting this author and a number of other individuals of being part of a criminal syndicate that was working against him.

Immediately upon learning of his accusations as well as a subsequent claim having to deal with well known counterfeit files that have been circulating on the internet for years, I called the lead detective of the department in question. I was told they would look at what he has claimed and get back to me.

Just before the writing of this article, I received a call from their department. They have told me that I am not under investigation by their department. This holds true for the other individuals that were also named by the blogger in question.

The detective went on to inform me at length that both the County and City law enforcement community have  had knowledge of this persons actions for years and generally have discounted any reports he has made.

The Detective has advised me that I, along with the other individuals should press Harassment charges though their own law enforcement agencies regarding his making these claims.

I have also been advised that the sheriff herself may be in contact with me regarding this matter, once the department completes their investigation which is still ongoing.

I have asked the detective to contact the detective here in Orlando to whom I spoke to about this matter. The detective had recommended calling the Polk County agency first before I went ahead and filed a formal criminal complaint. Now that this has been done, I will be making a decision as to how to proceed from here.


Stay tuned




levipixOnce again, Levi Page has gotten into one of his tantrums wanting me to take any mention of him off this blog. One of the things that seems to be bugging him is some opinions that others have made about him when making comments here.

What Mr Page needs to understand that the comments are made by OTHERS and are not necessarily the opinions of me or anyone else who contributes to this blog. It is the same disclaimer that a certain other blog has made when I have confronted the administrator there about false accusations against me.

Mr Page does not seem to mind making comments about me. There are those out there who can find links to accusations and remarks he has made against me and others. He even wants the comment HE made about Homeland Security being on My ass removed when it was HE who made that remark.

Mr Page does not seem the comments HE has made about me for all of these years and about the comments he has made about others.

It seems that Levi Page can dish it out but cannot take it. Personally I do not give a damn about Levi Page and what people say about him. All I care about is what people say about me and my friends.

Perhaps if Mr Page had not been so obsessive in what others are doing on the internet and worry about his little blog and show, this article would not be necessary.

I would suggest that rather making threats and demands on Facebook that Mr Page clean up his own act.

Just to give Levi Page the benefit of the doubt, I insert HIS WORDS here in regards to one opinion that seems to be bothering him. 

Levi Page:

“I’ve never been to rehab in my life, and never been addicted to anything.”


If you say so, Levi

Stay tuned



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