I called the Seminole County Sheriff’s office and discussed the claim by the drone lady that  she had Contacted the department about the device and had taken it there.

In the conversation with a detective, I found that there had been NO drone turned into the department, there had been no criminal complaints or information reports filed with the department.

When the deputy did a records check they found criminal complaints AGAINST the woman and her husband.

ontheairtfhIt seems that Radio has welcomed yet another wing nut into her den of screwballs to spin their tin hat theories and make absolute fools of themselves.

If anyone doubts what I am stating here, they are more than welcome to call the Seminole County Sheriff’s department and find out for themselves.

Stay tuned



dji 450This has to be the dumbest woman I have ever seen on the internet or she just seems to bask in the attention she gets from making an absolute fool of herself.

I am not getting what she thinks she is accomplishing from inserting me into the LISK case she seems so intent on following.

Again, I am stating for the record, that I have NOTHING to do with the drone that seems to have found itself, first in this woman’s back yard and then in the alleged possession of the Seminole Florida Sheriff’s office.

This woman seems hell bent in pinning the ownership of that thing on me. Again, I do not own ANY drone, and I have never owned THAT drone.

In the letter the woman sent to me, she made it quite clear that she is accusing me of owning the thing and telling me that if I want it back to go up to the Sheriff’s office and get it. letter First, is the letter I sent to her:


For some strange reason that I can only theorize is a LIE OF OMMISSION, the woman did NOT publish her second letter to me regarding the drone. In that letter she clearly accused me of owning the drone and working with the person who she has been accusing of being The LISK

The woman posted the following on a twitter account. Someone from that Anonymous group sent me the link to the tweet and asked if I could offer any input. The reason the anonymous sent me the link is because I had been discussing law enforcement and  the government’s increasing use of drones and their objection to the practice.

That anonymous member is a follower of the twitter account where this posting came from.


All I did was advise the woman what it is likely used for and to check with her law enforcement agency to see what can be done about whoever owns it.

I was curious to find out who made the thing or whatever information I could find out about it, so I went to the DIY website to ask the experts.

The woman seems to have found where I did this and decided to post all of it, as well as my twitter posts adding her twists to what I wrote.

At my earliest opportunity I am going to go to the Seminole County Sheriff’s department with all the printouts I have made and ask them to get to the bottom of who owns that thing and why this woman thinks I am involved with the person she is accusing of stalking her as well as the case she is following.

It is up to you the reader, of either my blog or her’s to decide what or what not to believe.

Stay tuned



anonintWhen I got the link from a well known member of Anonymous, I should have realized that I was walking straight into a trap that reminded me of the great German Porn star hoax.

I am not going to go into detail regarding this little stunt other than to say it says a lot about the character of the Blogger that allowed this hoax to go forward. If not for a well known “individual” from Ohio and a couple of others from that secret blog, I never would have known the true nature of the stunt that blogger allowed to go forth.

The latest hoax of this nature, this time involving a drone, took advantage of my trusting nature and my willingness to help someone who seemed to have been the victim of a stalker.

Brother was I fooled. I was sent an e-mail from a member of Anonymous that had been in contact with me before that had a link to a twitter post having to do with a woman wanting to know the purpose of a drone in her back yard.



Not realizing that I was being set up for a fall, I went to the twitter link and examined the photo of the drone. I then went to the website of the woman and found her e-mail address. I sent the woman an e-mail(see above) explaining what it is that was in the photograph and my advice as to what to do about it.

Shortly thereafter I was sent a rather terse reply from the woman saying that “I am not going to get MY drone back.” and not to contact her again, anywhere.

I thought nothing of this and went about my business until I suddenly began getting flooded with e-mails regarding this woman and how she has done things like this before. Some of these messages went into great detail about her obsession with an unknown stalker that was after her over an unsolved crime she was following out of Long Island.

One of these e-mails also informed me that I had been set up and detailed how and by whom.

It started with someone seeing these photographs on my twitter page. It seems that the person had posted a photo of a drone she claimed was in her back yard. This person asked Anonymous, through another individual, to see if they could figure out what the thing was and what it was used for.

The Anonymous person told me that it was the photos from my twitter account that gave the person the idea to pull off this elaborate hoax, with some help.


I was also told by several sources that this person is an alleged liar that has pulled stunts of this nature before out of a need for constant attention and wanting to be perceived as super important.

I do not know if any of these accusations are true or if the drone in the photo is even a true representation of what happened to her or just a random photo she pulled off the internet in order to pull off this little hoax.

It is  interesting to note to anyone who looks up her twitter page regarding that thing these points. The drone is inoperative. The propellers are broken. A substantial amount of hardware is missing off of the drone.

It is my opinion that the drone pictured is probably a child’s toy used as a prop for an elaborate hoax at my expense. It is a piece of junk incapable of doing nothing except being a prop.

This is the price I paid trying to help someone and it is also a lesson learned. I will never, ever will try and help ANYONE from Anonymous again or anyone affiliated with them.

Stay tuned



dhsdrone3There seems to be a mentality within the US government that everyone in this country is a terrorist that needs to be watched. As indicated by a true crime blog, several blogs and chat sites involved with the Steubenville Ohio Rape case are getting “visited” by The Department of Homeland Security, mainly because these blogs have an affiliation with Anonymous which has been under observation by many a law enforcement agency for years.

In addition to the spying of Blogs and chat rooms, US intelligence agencies as well as various law enforcement agencies have greatly increased their use of remote controlled drones. Helicopters have patrolled the skies of the US for decades, however, the drones have far better visual AND audio sensitivity and also fly closer to the subjects being observed.

drone1Along with the drones, the government and law enforcement that have tools to observe and identify anyone in this country. A person can be tracked by the computers they use, their smartphones, tablets and even software contained in an increasing number of automobiles. All of this being done WITHOUT search warrants.

While most of the public remains apathetic to this trend toward BIG BROTHER, there is an increasing number people that are resisting the governments intrusion into their lives. Anonymous has joined in the fight, in some cases, attacking the drones through hacking.

The Department of Homeland Security, through various spokespersons has stated that the latest claim by certain bloggers that they are spying on bloggers is not true and that they will “deal with” any such false claims that they deem warranted.

As for the public relations side of the issue toward the general public, The Department of Homeland Security is planning on answering the various concerns we have through their media relations departments.

Stay Tuned



Once upon a time there was a dispute between two women over on Facebook that eventually spilled over onto Twitter. As is the case with most of these disputes, there were some severe accusations and some severe actions against each other thrown into the mix.

One of the women saw that I was posting about cyber stalking on Facebook and contacted me. We had a brief discussion and the net result was that she sent me some information on the person she claimed was stalking her. In the packet of information she sent was a photograph of a house and a van in the driveway next to it.

I was alarmed when I saw this because the license tag of the vehicle and the house number were clearly visible. It is good to note here that at that time, I was not aware of the massive amount of doxing that was going on all over the internet and that there were better and more effective sources of information one might check to get whatever information you wanted on someone.

Anyhow, I was concerned because I knew that this was a woman with children who lived in the house and thought it was not wise that this photo should be given out to a total stranger.

In foresight I made the mistake of contacting the woman about the photo of her house and informed her of my concerns. We had discussions about the situation and she soon informed me of a pending court action against her stalker. She asked if I would testify about the photo at a hearing over on the west coast of the state and I agreed to do so. Things went fine for a while. For whatever reason, my testimony was never needed as the proceedings went on without my information being supplied.

In the mist of all of this I was still in contact with the other woman in this dispute. I had let the both of them know that I was not taking sides in the dispute and was hoping that there might be a solution to their dispute. I learned quickly never to get in between two women arguing. It is a futile effort.

Right in the middle of all of this, the group of trolls who are constantly after me decided to butt into the situation and at first, took the side of the woman from the East Coast of Florida. They started to cite all of the propaganda against me.

Then the woman did something completely unexpected. She used her account with Beenverified.com to do a background check on me. I had given my permission to do so. She then published the results. My haters were quite angry as the national background check showed that I had absolutely NO criminal record.

The haters immediately contacted the other woman and they all became fast friends. This, in spite of all of the help I had given and had offered to give in relation to the photo.

In spite of these turn of events, I still had not taken sides in their dispute. I did not turn on the west coast woman and suddenly run over to the defense of the woman on the east coast. I remained neutral and still do so although I am beginning to see that one might have a better case of being a stalking victim than the other.

My haters immediately started to bully the east coast woman and continue to do so to this day. The west coast woman is relishing her new found friends and bullying me at the same time, completely forgetting how we came to know each other in the first place.

You would think I would have learned my lesson, but no, when I saw that someone needed information about something I had knowledge about, I decided to contact her with the information she was seeking. Brother that was a big mistake.

The picture was of a Drone, more specifically a quadracopter. Most of these things are used to fly around with a camera mounted on it. The camera streams live video to a receiver and the operator of the thing can see what the camera sees.

And what do I get for my trouble? This woman sends me a terse letter accusing me of owning the thing and somehow being involved in the LISK case which is about some unsolved killings of women in Long Island New York.

This time around, not only have my haters embraced this latest wing nut but so has the woman on the west coast of Florida. My mistake of trying to help people regarding photographs on the internet has come full circle.

The next time I see a photo on the internet from someone either needing help or that should be of concern to someone, I am going to ignore the damn thing.

Stay tuned




tfhI had once thought that Radio of Radionewz.net was an intelligent professional who wrote a blog for whatever reason she or he does. Brother was I wrong. Radio is yet another gullible fool and idiot that will believe anything anyone says, if it suits their agenda.

ckmsThe latest proof of this is provided by the latest nut case to join the Radionewz.net flock. The mysterious MM7 claims to have proof that I am the target of a DOJ investigation by posting a response to a citizen complaint she sent to the DOJ.


Now what is LACKING in her “proof” is the letter SHE SENT to the DOJ spelling out exactly what the complaint is and who she is naming as potential person or persons of interest.

Now, one thing of interesting that Radio either did not catch or decided to ignore. MM& REDACTED THE NAME OF THE DOJ OFFICIAL WHO SENT HER THE REPLY TO HER COMPLAINT. Now why did she do that? This document is PUBLIC RECORD. In the FOIA request I made to the Tampa Division, regarding this letter, I will be interested just WHO it is that signed that letter and thus wonder why MM7 felt compelled to redact it.

I will also have all of the letter that will contain whatever ELSE MM7 felt compelled to redact. I doubt my name appears ANYWHERE on that redacted portion.

MM7 must not be familiar with how the Freedom of information act works. If a document is generated in the course of ANY government interaction be it local, county, state, or federal is open to the public. I will soon have the unedited version of the form and I will be talking to the person who sent it as well to the FBI.

I do not run from accusations such as this, I confront them head on. This is a lesson that MM7 is going to learn the hard way.

To remind Radio and others who read here, MM7 claims to have taken the drone to The Seminole County Sheriff’s department. She also claims they are actively investigating her complaint.

So the question here is, where is the property receipt from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department? Where is ANY record regarding the drone other than the one photograph taken through what seems to be a gate? Why only ONE photo of the drone. Why no photo of the drone clear of obsticles taken with a REGULAR digital camera that would have given a clearer indication to EXPERTS as to what this thing is used for?

One expert who did identify the device complained of it being taken with a cell phone which made detailed study of the device difficult.

fbigunLike I said the last time some screwball claimed I was being investigated, my life is an open book. There is a pastebin with all of my contact information on it. I now live in Orange county Florida which means I am within a 10 minute drive of the FBI office in downtown Orlando.

If the FBI or ANY OTHER law enforcement wants to meet with me, I am here or I can come there. I will even bring coffee and doughnuts.

Stay tuned



Guess who is a member of the Michelle L Mckee fan club and the mastermind of Dronegate? It seems that this woman AND her significant other are real pieces of work.








Remember that saying? A picture is worth a thousand words?  I wonder who she beat the crap out of? Hubby or the kids?

Stay tuned



dji 450

While I was finding out some information regarding a photo that was sent to me by someone from Anonymous, Radionewz comes out with the breaking news that the whole thing was a hoax.







At the same time, I get tons of messages and e-mails that the woman is well known for pulling stunts such as this. It is assumed that it was Anonymous that was the target of the hoax but my intervention saved them from being pwned, as they call it.




I now assume that this woman will move on and see what other target she can come up with to troll.

Just another day in the internet neighborhood.

Stay tuned




I am really getting fed up with these nut cases that come out of the woods and start writing bullshit about me. Now this latest nut case comes along and says I own a drone and am flying it around her house.ocso

Well, I think it is time for her to put her money where her mouth is. I challenge this woman to bring that thing she claims is mine to the law enforcement office of her choice. This can be anytime from Wednesday through Saturday as I will be busy all day today.

The both of us then can sit down with law enforcement and hash this bullshit out. I will say right now, on this blog that I will submit to a polygraph examination regarding this matter. I will sign a release for my cell phone records so that law enforcement can trace my actions for how long this woman claims I have been flying that contraption around her residence.

It is time for this moronic woman to either back up what she says or publish  a retraction. I will be calling the OCSO at John Young and inform them of what this woman is claiming since I only live 4 miles from there.

Since I am a senior citizen, I am going to also check with OCSO to see if she can be charged for harassing a senior citizen.

Time to put up or shut up lady, I will be waiting. The clock is ticking.

BTW, the owner of the drone says he will be filing charges of GRAND THEFT if it is not turned into the OPD by noon tomorrow. He claims it is worth well over $1000.00

Stay tuned




My my my, what a way to start a new year. Not 1012 mind you but 2013! A continuance was granted today for the delay of the civil trial brought by the woman accused of being Zanny the nanny by Casey Anthony in her string of lies to Orange County Florida detectives during the initial investigation into what may have happened to Caylee in the summer of 2008.

For whatever strange reasons were in the minds of the defense attorneys of Casey Anthony, they sought and were granted an extended continuance of the civil trial to January 2nd, 2013.

Since the world is supposed to end in December of 2012, they probably thought they could avoid a trial all together.

CASEY FUCKS US AGAIN!The defense must think that over this next year people will forget about Casey and her lies and thus the finding will go her way. I think just the opposite is true. Now all of us bloggers forum participants chatters and new media multimedia streamers along with Nancy Grace and her ilk will have that much MORE time to drone on commenting ranting, raving and speculating through the remainder of this year and most likely well into 2013. Smooth move dude.

In the event the world does NOT end in December of this year, the new year looks like it will start with a bang. Winter 2013,  in Orlando,  looks like it will be warmer than usual.



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